The Coolest Missouri Slangs You Need To Know

Missouri just like most United States has its fair share of slang terms and expressions. If you’re planning a trip to Missouri this post will help you learn some slangs that will make you feel like and speak like a local once you get there!


Columbia, Missouri, USA

T-ravs is another way to call toasted ravioli, a popular delicious dish in Missouri. Toasted ravioli originate from St. Louis. The recipe goes along the lines of meat or cheese-stuffed ravioli, breaded and fried until crispy and served with marinara sauce. It’s a favorite in Missouri.


Kansas City, Missouri, USA Skyline

Sack is another way to call a grocery bag in the state of Missouri. Missourians take a sack to the supermarket to carry their groceries in, usually made of paper.

It’s Bread Co.

Beautiful Alley In Park. Walkway Lane Path Through Pergola With

It’s Bread Co. is another way to call Panera nationwide, and is a bakery-cafe chain that started out in St. Louis but has grown excellently and is very famous in the state.

Put Out

St. Louis, Missouri, USA Cityscape

When someone in Missouri is Put Out it means they are angry or upset. For example, Adam was incredibly put out yesterday because of what you did. He was mad!

Sweep the carpets


Sweeping the carpets is part of tidying up a house and stands for vacuuming specifically in Missouri. This slang expression replaces vacuum in Missouri.

Flying Rolls

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Flying Rolls is short or another way to refer to Lambert’s Cafe rolls, another famous franchise originating from Missouri known for being the “Home of Throwed Rolls”. If you like bread rolls you should definitely give it a shot while in Missouri.

Just take Farty-Four


It’s a slang referring to the direction to take a specific road, in this case Interstate 44. It sounds like that because of the St. Louis accent and locals call it like that now.