The Hottest Place in Mexico

We present you the hottest places in Mexico. Those that are worth visiting despite the high temperatures they present. These places may have extreme and somewhat hot climates but the natural beauty and the visual, gastronomic and cultural spectacle they offer are more than enough reasons to visit them and tolerate a little heat. Even so, we present the hottest places in Mexico.



86% of the surface of the state has a hot-humid climate and the other 14% located towards the northern part of the state, has a dry and semi-dry climate. The average annual temperature is 26°C, and reaches temperatures of up to 37°C when it is “cold” around the month of January, its temperature is 17 ° C.

San Luis Potosi

San Luis village and surrounding

The average temperature is 23°C with a maximum of 36°C, the latter registered in its municipality called Ciudad Valles, which registers a hot and humid climate throughout the year.


58% of the state is governed by a warm subhumid climate , with 38% (the part of the center and north) having a dry climate. The average temperature is around 23.5°C and the maximum is 30°C. It presents heavy rains in summer.



A state high in rainfall since the rains occur throughout the year. The average temperature is 27°C with a maximum of 36°C. 95.5% of the surface has a warm humid climate.

Quintana Roo

Boat in Mexico

99% of the state has a warm sub-humid climate and 1% that is located only on the island of Cozumel has a warm humid climate. Although it does not have such an extreme climate reaching a maximum temperature of 33°C, the fact that it has high levels of humidity makes the heat more penetrating.


Agua Azul Chiapas

More than half of its territory has a warm humid climate; the temperature rises to 30°C and registers a minimum of 17.5°C.


It has a desert located in the northern part, 60% of its territory is very dry, for this reason it is a state with extreme climates since in Ciudad Juárez maximum temperatures of 43°C have been registered in the months of June to August and in January minimum temperatures of down to -5°C.


It is a state that is characterized by its humidity since 55% of the territory has a warm subhumid climate, 30% temperate subhumid, 15% dry and semi-dry, located in the lower parts.


The predominant climate of the state is warm-subhumid as it covers 53.5%. The remaining 41% is warm humid. The average temperature is 30°C although it is a place with high probabilities of precipitation.


91.5% of its climate is warm and subhumid. The average temperature is 25°C and records a minimum of 12°C in January. The maximum can reach 35°C during May and June.