The Hottest Place in the United Kingdom

People who have never lived in the United Kingdom often believe that the British weather is terrible, so they pack everything from raincoats to ski jackets when they travel there. But it’s true? Not necessarily! In fact, the UK’s climate is as varied as its local cultures, dialects and people, and far more interesting than you might think. Below you’ll find the hottest place in the United Kingdom.

Jenne Farm with barn at sunny autumn morning

It’s wonderfully predictable

Llandudno Sea Front in North Wales, United Kingdom

Yes, the British have a reputation for always talking about the weather, although it is not true. But it is true that it is a topic that is usually of interest throughout the country. To be fair to the British, they are not mistaken, it can be brilliant sunshine one minute and heavy rain the next. At least the weather isn’t boring!

It can be very hot

Sunny evening over the coastline at Rodel

You may have heard that the UK has rainy summers, but that’s not true. Sure, some years could be better (it rains, but the rain is mild!), But in Britain summers are usually hot and dry. Especially in recent decades, when high temperature records have been regularly broken. The south of the UK, where the cities of London, Bournemouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Bristol and Bournemouth are located, among others, is famous for its pleasant summer weather. It’s hot, but without being unbearable.

The climate is very different from west to east

view of Dead Sea in sunny winter day

If you look at a UK weather map, you will see a pattern: the weather on the west coast is generally wetter than on the east coast. This is because there is a hot air current called the Gulf Stream running through the ocean bringing warm air from the Caribbean to the UK. It mixes with the cold air of Iceland and Scandinavia in the north and with the hot air of Spain and France in the south. The shock of air temperatures produces rain that falls on the west, since it is the region most exposed to the currents of hot air.

London has the most extreme temperatures


If you are looking for a warm climate, it is best that you choose the south of the United Kingdom, since it is statistically warmer than the north. The south-west region, with the cities of Bristol, Torquay and Bournemouth, is warmer throughout the year, but London and the south-east have the highest and lowest temperatures. This is because the region is affected by the European continental winds, which are hot in summer and cold in winter.