The Most Expensive Comics in the World

Although many of today’s fans only know comic book superheroes from big-budget Hollywood movies, never forget that their primary medium was role. The appearance and proliferation of these illustrated books was in the thirties from the character of Superman and for some of the copies of these comics real fortunes are paid. These are objects highly valued by collectors that are practically out of pocket. For this reason, here we present the ten most expensive comics in history. Before starting with this top, you have to know that there are important factors to determine the value of these objects such as the degree of conservation, evaluated by an official regulator called the Comics Guarantee Company (CGC, for its acronym in English). Another factor in determining the price of a comic is relevance: Was it the first appearance of a character or does it contain a mythical event for a universe narrative?

5. X-Men #1

X-Men #1

Published: March, 1937
Writer: Stan Lee
Illustrator: Jack Kirbys
Price: $ 535,000

The first issue of the X-Men series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, characters such as Cyclops, Beast and Magneto appeared in this comic for the first time. X-Men became a huge success, creating multiple cartoons and movies adored by millions of fans around the world.

4. Marvel Comics #1 – 1939

Marvel Comics #1 - 1939

Posted: November 10, 1939
Writer: Ben Thompson
Illustrator: Frank Paul
Price: $ 572,000

Marvel Comics # 1 is about the beginning of the Marvel universe, which is why it is currently one of the most coveted comics by collectors.

3. Superman #1 – 1939

Superman #1 - 1939

Published: Summer, 1939
Writer: Jerome Siegel
Illustrator: Joe Shuster
Price: 731 thousand dollars

We enter the top 3 of the list and prices skyrocket. The full story of the daring exploits of the only Man of Steel, Superman.

2. Detective Comics #27 – 1939

Detective Comics #27 - 1939

Published: May, 1939
Writer: Bill Finger
Illustrator: Bob Kane
Price: 2 million 230 thousand dollars

Detective Comics # 27 is ranked second in the most expensive comics in history. This is the first appearance of Batman and there are very few copies in the world in good condition.

1. Action Comics #1 – 1938

Action Comics #1 - 1938

Published: June, 1938
Writer: Jerome Siegel
Illustrator: Joe Shuster
Price: $ 3 million 200 thousand

This is the most expensive comic of all time. Why? Because it all started with its publication. In Action Comics #1, the character of Superman was introduced to the world for the first time, with a mythical cover where the hero held a car over his head and slammed it against some rocks. This youth magazine became popular in the world. The appearance of Superman propelled what is known as the golden age and the emergence of hundreds of characters based on their double identity structure, superpowers, capes and emblems. Although his cover price was only 10 cents, this number sold for more than $ 3 million.