What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Air Conditioning Systems

Wikipedia is as commonly known as most things these days and is probably the fastest go to for info that you need. However, how can you be sure of how reliable the information is? The truth is, anyone has access and the ability to change the content, and this makes the facts questionable and unreliable at best. So, what can we tell you about air conditioning systems that Wikipedia can’t?

The types of air conditioning systems vary in types and in how they make efficient use of the energy that they consume, and which kinds of air conditioners are convenient or suitable for which kind of setting.

Air condition

Central air conditioner

One of the most common systems of air conditioning. Central air conditioning systems are suitable for large spaces like schools, malls, hotels, big mansions, and so on. They circulate cooler air through a system of supply and return ducts. It’s important that you read up on the best air conditioning systems that are available on the market so that you have quality.

The central air conditioner could be either placed in the ground or above. Thus, the ducts are mainly found in fake ceilings or in floors. They need careful planning and installation preparations due to their size and functionality. It is also crucial that you make sure to install the right size to get the right utility cost.

Ductless or mini-split air conditioner

The system that is most commonly used in homes. This type is composed of two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit which is the compressor or the condenser. This system would function best for individual rooms, as it allows you to control a particular area that need a cooler air in a house. You are also free to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Window air conditioner

Also referred to as the old school air conditioner, the window air conditioner is one of the oldest systems used. It is a one-unit system that is installed half indoor and the other half outdoor. These types are not really ideal for large homes as they won’t be efficient enough to cool the covered area. They tend to be more affordable, but keeping up their maintenance may be a pain as finding spare parts could prove to be troublesome.

Geothermal heating and cooling air conditioner

Geothermal energy is a modern technology that is known to be sustainable, energy efficient, and long-lasting. This new technology extracts the heat from the ground and transfers it into or out of your space. Geothermal coils are installed deep down into the ground. During winter, the heat is extracted from the ground into your space, and during the summer heat is extracted from your space and transferred to the ground.

Sometimes, you have to make sure that all your facts are straight, and unfortunately, going to Wikipedia to get them isn’t the best idea because the fact of the matter is, they don’t have all the facts! Knowing about the latest air conditioning systems and how they work is something that you need to have from reliable sources so that you don’t run into any issues once you’ve installed yours.

Having all of these different systems could be overwhelming, but if you know your usage needs and space required everything will be much easier for you. Now that you know the difference between the most common and efficient systems of air conditioning, you are more likely to have a clear understanding of their specifications. Make sure that you know the area of the space that you need to cool, the type of this space, and choose accordingly the air conditioning system.