The Most Expensive Movies Produced by Netflix

Part of Netflix’s success is that it has adopted the strategy of producing more original content, this due to the arrival of other platforms on the market, these own productions, each time have more quality, but they have also become more expensive, reached Budgets that years ago were unthinkable for the streaming giant, and here we show you, which are the most expensive films on the platform.

The Gray Man ($ 200 million)

The Gray Man Netflix

It is a film that has not yet been released by Netflix, which will be directed by brothers Joey and Anthony Russo, in addition to starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The movie will have a budget of $ 200 million, making it the most expensive from the streaming giant. The film will begin filming in 2021 and is expected to become a saga.

Red Notice ($ 160-200 million)

Red Notice

Production being produced by Netflix, which will star The Rock, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, the film is projected to be one of the most expensive on the platform. The film will show an Interpol agent who is on the hunt for the world’s most famous art thief.

The Irishman ($ 159 million)

The Irishman

One of the best films produced by the platform, which was nominated for an Oscar. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese, it also stars Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. It is worth mentioning that a large part of the budget was allocated to rejuvenate the actors on the screen.

6 Underground ($ 150 million)

6 Underground

The movie starring Ryan Reynolds hit the streaming giant’s catalog in 2019, and shows us the story of six billionaires from different parts of the world, who fake their deaths to create a vigilante squad.

Outlaw King ($ 120 million)

Outlaw King

Film starring Chris Pine and Florence Pugh, which presents a plot that is inspired by real events, since it tells the story of the 14th century Scottish ‘outlaw king’, who with great courage and cunning, achieved the feat of defeating the army English, which was bigger and better equipped.

Triple Frontier ($ 115 million)

Triple Frontier

Starring Ben Affleck, it tells the story of five friends, former military veterans, who plan to carry out a robbery of one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world, the assault will take place in a sparsely populated border area of ​​South America.

Bright ($ 90 million)


The streaming giant’s only production starring Will Smith, which quickly became one of the platform’s most-watched movies by subscribers, amassing 11 million views during its premiere weekend.

Extraction ($ 65 million)


It is one of the platform’s most recent successes, a film starring Chris Hemsworth that offers a very different facet of the actor, since in this production he plays a mercenary who is introduced in the dangerous mission of rescuing the son of a drug lord.

The Old Guard ($ 60 million)

The Old Guard

This is another Netflix hit released in 2020, which shows us Charlize Theron playing the leader of a group of immortal mercenaries, who try to recruit a girl who possesses the same powers as the team, before the villains of find this story.