Three Ways to Make Gourmet Coffee Simple

Mornings are difficult. If you have a drip coffee machine, the time it takes for the water to heat and blend with your favorite grounds can feel endless. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a machine with a timer, so you can wake up to your favorite cup of java.

Many individuals sacrifice quality coffee for a quick cup on the way out the door, all the while dreaming of the taste of their favorite cafe. Others spend exorbitant amounts of money each year to purchase takeaway coffee on their way to work. However, for the time it takes to wait in line, you might as well make a gourmet coffee of your own.

If you thought having a fantastic cup of coffee at home would be too much work, guess again. Here are different ways to make the perfect cup of joe without sacrificing too much time or money:

Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is what the drip machine is based on. For this method, you will need your favorite coffee grounds, a pour-over coffee pot or mug or a separate filter apparatus. In a pinch, a reusable filter from the local grocery store is an affordable way to start making pour-over coffee without investing much money.

Bring your water to a boil and allow to cool for a moment. While it is cooling, place the filter or pour-over apparatus on top of your favorite mug. Add the appropriate amount of your favorite ground coffee. Pour a splash of the boiling water on the grounds, just enough to get them wet. Leave them for about thirty seconds to allow the grounds to bloom. Finally, pour the rest of the water slowly and steadily. Voila! You have the perfect cup of coffee made the way many popular cafes choose to brew.

French Press Coffee

Many would-be coffee connoisseurs forgo the French press experience due to the time it takes for the water to boil and the grounds to steep. However, it’s a simple process and can be timed, so that it only adds a few minutes to your morning schedule.

You will need your favorite coffee beans or (coarse) grounds, boiling water, and a French press. Boil the water and allow to cool for a moment, so you don’t scorch the beans. Add the coarsely ground coffee to the French press. Add the water and stir vigorously. Steep for four minutes (which you can use to brush your teeth, start your vehicle or what have you) then press the plunger, pour, and enjoy. Simple, flavorful, and quick!

Turkish Coffee

For the bold, daring, yet still busy coffee maker, there is always Turkish coffee. This traditional Turkish method creates a strong, aromatic, dark coffee that is guaranteed to wake you up. Like the pour-over and French press methods, brewing Turkish coffee only takes five minutes or less. Unlike the others, the coffee grounds are added while the water is being boiled.

For this method, you will need Turkish coffee– ground to a powder–, a cezve which is a traditional Turkish coffee pot, water, and sugar if you take it in your coffee. Mix the ingredients together and start the boiling process. A dark foam will arise when the water nears the boiling point. Transfer some of the foam into your mug using a spoon. When the water comes to a boil, pour the coffee into your cup until it is half filled. Return the coffee to the stove for another 20 seconds, then pour the rest. This coffee is unfiltered and very potent!

Try Them All

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try the different methods listed above to find which one works best for you. French presses, pour-over apparatuses, and Turkish coffee pots make great gifts for coffee drinkers and don’t you deserve to treat yourself to a little something every once in a while? After all, life is too short for a bad cup of coffee.