Top 30 Patio Roof Design Ideas

If you are looking for a roof for your patio or small terrace, you are in the right idea book. Here we are going to share types of roofing materials, designs, advantages and costs of perfect roofs to place in gardens or small patios. With these ideas, you can even approach cheap patio roofs.

Covered Pergola Patio Roof Designs

Above all, the roof must respond to the needs of the family and the place. Therefore, designing and installing the roof of your choice before approaching the experts in roofs and terraces is essential, but you must take into account some details and consider various options, some of which we show you here. Take note of these small patio ceilings! For the ceiling to look and make your patio or terrace shine, it must be integrated into the space in terms of style and materials. In addition to considering the style, there are different types of roof depending on their functionality, not all patios or all regions have the same needs: Folding or sliding roofs; to open and close according to weather conditions, made with sheets, tiles or other types of coatings.







Patio Roof Lighting Designs

A hybrid roof means that you mix several materials for the same function. In this case, it is a steel structure, wooden beams or sunshades, and a high-gauge tempered glass platform for the upper deck. The difference between this type of roof and wooden pergola is that they allow natural light to enter, just like pergola, but they also work on days with rain, snow or hail, protecting the interior space. In addition, the contemporary, industrial and very modern style looks sensational. The simple placement of the glass plates on a wooden pergola, change its entire appearance. This patio with dining area looks modern and sophisticated because of its hybrid structure. Without the glass, the patio would certainly look charming, but rustic or country.








Louvered Patio Roof Designs

This type of covers is ideal for places with temperate climates, to close them in moments of intense heat, rain or wind, and fold them to open in the afternoons or on pleasant days. They are usually made of canvas or a special thick fabric for outdoor use, even a thick blanket for country-style patios or to protect sunbathing areas in beach houses. Generally, the folds are fitted to two or more main axes or beams, under which they slide to meet in folds that retract or unfold. A good folding roof design consists of integrating it into a patio where there is a different structure, such as a wooden terrace or a steel structure, to combine textures and materials.






Timber-Framed Patio Roof Designs

The roofs par excellence of the terraces and the domestic patios are the wooden structures, with wooden beams and columns, with thin parasols seated on them and with a texture and finish that is to be admired. This type of roofing allows complete ventilation since they do not close the space, and a limited natural light entry, allowing heat to be received at certain times of the day and limited a little at others. The shadows generated by a pergola, give the garden or terrace an incredible cozy air.













Patio Roof Designs FAQs

1. What are the advantages of installing a patio roof?

Spending time in the patio, terrace or garden of our house should be something that does not depend on the weather, and that allows us to take advantage of rainy days, sunny days and even cold winter days sheltered under a resistant roof and enjoying pleasant moments. By roofing your patio you can have meetings, celebrations, an afternoon of talk or simply have a morning of pleasant solitude regardless of the weather of the day.

2. What are polycarbonate roofs?

Polycarbonate is a kind of plastic that is molded by temperature and also obtains its resistance. Depending on the thickness, it may have greater or lesser resistance to temperatures and to objects that attack it. For a roof where you only need to protect from rain, hail or snow but you want to have natural light, a polycarbonate roof is ideal, it looks elegant and is easy to maintain. These roofs for patios or small gardens have the same characteristics and conditions as the glass hybrid, but the cover is made of polycarbonate, much more resistant depending on the thickness and easy maintenance, since it does not scratch or deteriorate so easily.