Top 30 Traditional Panther Tattoos For Men

When it comes to animal tattoos, people are most attracted to big cat tattoos. Panther tattoos are mainly popular due to the popularity of the Black Panther and Pink Panther character in pop culture. People opt for traditional panther tattoo instead of realistic panther tattoo because traditional panther tattoos have deep meaning. They are considered a good omen. Here we have chosen the 30 best traditional panther tattoos for men.

The Best Traditional Panther Tattoos for Men



Usually people go for medium to small sized pink panther tattoos but if you want to try a large sized panther tattoo then don’t make your ear like this. Here is a double exposure panther tattoo design where you can see two separate tattoos in one design. You will see a design of a spider web and another of a panther face. While full sized panther tattoos have their own look, panther face tattoos are also recommended for those looking for medium to small sized tattoos.


You can try a panther half sleeve tattoo design and the best way to try it is showing a panther climbing up a tree or on her arm. Like all other traditional tattoos, panther tattoos can also be done with a dagger tattoo design shown killing its head. You can also try a panther tattoo with a flower tattoo design but make sure that the color of the flower perfectly matches that of the panther.


The nails of a panther are its important feature so I advise you to show off a panther tattoo design with pointed and sharp nails. Here is a different take on the traditional panther tattoo design where the panther is shown in a suit. You will also like the eyes of this panther tattoo. You can make a temporary panther tattoo design using only watercolors. Or you can try a panther outline tattoo and complete it using pastel colors. Panther tattoos can be a very good option for head tattoos. This is because panther tattoos are usually black in color and therefore will not look weird on the head. A sad fact is that there are not many black leopards in the world.


Girls can try on girly panther tattoos on their body and for this they have to make the tattoo more girly by adding eyelashes. Panthers are usually one color (black, brown or pink), but you can stripe your panther tattoo design to make it look unique. You should focus on the eyes of the panther tattoo and they should match the facial expression. If you go for the angry panther tattoo, show some anger in the eyes as well. Since panthers are dangerous animals, it would be even better to show them as such. Here is a beast mode cougar tattoo design.


Two Panthers are very popular in pop culture: Black Panther from Rudyard Kipling’s novel Jungle Book and Pink Panther from the famous animated series of the same name. here is a pink panther tattoo design. Another good place to try on a panther tattoo is on the neck. Here is an amazing black panther tattoo on the neck of this guy. You can try to match panther tattoos with your sister or brother. A good idea for this would be to try the panther half face tattoo where half of the panther face would be tattooed on you and the other half on your brother. Most of the traditional panther tattoos are placed on the left or right side. You can try a traditional front panther tattoo like this one.


Native tribal people used to wear the panther’s head as a crown. You can go for a tattoo design that shows a native Indian chief with a panther head. You can choose a neo tribal panther tattoo design to be done using thick solid black ink. If you want to make your panther tattoo even more attractive, add scratch marks near the legs of a panther to make it look realistic. A cool panther tattoo idea would be to try the tattooed animal simply by using geometric shapes and symbols. Panther tattoos have been a tradition since the tribal era of Native Americans. This is because the Panther was considered a sacred animal in many cultures. You can add a motivational quote to your panther tattoo design. Panther sleeve tattoos are also possible but you need to add a whole scene to said tattoos.