Top 40 Best Flower Tattoos For Men

Flowers can be used metaphorically to symbolize many things and concepts such as peace, innocence, love, purity, grace, happiness but they are also very beautiful visually. This why they make for great tattoo designs.

Flower tattoos can be done all over the body although they are most common in full and half sleeve tattoos. Also, often they complement a different design instead of being the main focus of the tattoo. It is a misconception to connect flowers with something feminine. As you’ll seen in the following photos flowers can be used very creatively to enhance male tattoos without taking anything away from their masculinity.

Without further ado, here are the best flower tattoos for men.

Flower Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This style works very well with the brown tones visible during the fall, the pieces turn out to have a clean finish, with detail and look like a color drawing. You can have a great half sleeve or full sleeve flower tattoo.




Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

In Japan, Sakura has contradictory meanings. On the one hand, this tree reminds them that life is short, so you have to live life as intensely as possible. This meaning and symbolism are established in Japanese culture and even existed in the time of the Samurai. At that time, the wisdom of warriors was extremely admired. The life cycle of the Sakura is mentioned in ancient literature, comparing it with the life cycle of the Samurai who lived intensely, but for a short time.






Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs

Chrysanthemums have had a great representative value since ancient times. In China it has been cultivated for almost 2700 years and later it began to be cultivated in Japan where new variants emerged in a great diversity of colors among which are pink, orange, purple, bronze and white. The chrysanthemum is a representative flower of eternal life, youth and resurgence. In China it is valued as a symbol of balance according to Taoism. In Japan it is the emblem of the Emperor, who is revered as the center of everything that exists. In addition, in this country the chrysanthemum is highly valued for its festivities such as the “Chrysanthemum Festival” or “Festival of happiness”.




Colorful Japan Inspired Flower Tattoo Designs

This style is highly contrasted, a great variety of colors, brightness and strokes are implemented that give volume to the tattoo. It is perfect for a Japanese flower tattoo because it can fully exploit the colors of them, it would work to have several chrysanthemums on the arm, for example, each one of different colors.








Black and Gray Japan Inspired  Flower Tattoo Designs

There are several types of Japanese flowers that predominate in the area of tattoos, either because of their appearance, history or symbolism. The use of them ranges from making them the protagonist in the designs, to wearing them in the background or as a complement in large or small tattoos of men and women, Japanese flowers have great versatility to be developed in black and gray ink.





Linework Flower Tattoo Designs

This one is ideal for bringing flowers with a more delicate touch, a piece that plays like a messy sketch, but is actually very well planned and thought out. Great for a lotus or peony flower, which are also Japanese flowers.





Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Due to its attractive morphology, the lotus has aroused passions in tattoo lovers, from east to west, appearing in endless sizes and colors, as well as in the most varied parts of the body, transmitting its elegance to the wearer.




Peony Flower Tattoo Designs

Peonies are very fragile flowers. They require a lot of attention and delicacy so that they can flourish, stay healthy and not wither early. For this reason, Japanese culture has associated this flower with perseverance and delicacy. However, another meaning, perhaps more mythical, surrounds peonies. In general, peonies are represented accompanied by a powerful figure, such as dragons or imposing lions.





Rose Sleeve Tattoo Designs

There are many types of this well-known and claimed flower, the one most used by people to get a tattoo, is the red rose, perhaps accompanied by a stem and thorns. Thorns are something that is usually very attractive to people, they also complement the meaning of the rose. The thorns represent the possible consequences that are difficult to overcome that beauties like the rose can bring.








Flower Tattoos For Men FAQs

1. Which flower tattoo means strength?

Orchids in tattoos are associated with a sex symbol. The ancient Greeks associated these flowers with virility and strength. However, for some cultures, such as China, it symbolizes the innocence of children.

2. What are the best flower tattoos for men?

Because of its valuable and deep meaning, the chrysanthemum are some of the best flower tattoo designs for men, great on their own but also combined with other designs.

3. What do flower tattoos symbolize?

Flowers, in general, symbolize beauty, freedom, protection, freshness, fertility and change, but they are always linked to the nature that surrounds us. In the tattoo the flowers have a meaning depending on their species, which in turn is related to culture and beliefs.

4. What are the most popular flower tattoo designs?

The most popular flower tattoo designs among men are Japanese style flowers and rose tattoos.

5. Can men have flower tattoos?

Although it is one of the most popular designs among women, there’s nothing wrong with men choosing flower tattoos. The most common flowers to tattoo are roses, which. They can be combined with different elements to give a manly touch.

6. Can men get rose tattoos?

Roses in tattoos can perfectly be a tattoo for both men and women. Men also feel and have emotions, so they are also people who also like delicate tattoos or with soft details.

7. Do girls like flower tattoos on guys?

Girls like confident guys who are open about who they are, so certain flower designs can be a great hit among them.