Useful Tips On How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Want to avoid motorcycle accidents? Then read the following tips that will ensure you do not end up in a sticky situation. The points below can also be used by other motorists on the road, whether they are driving cars or other vehicles, to prevent an accident from occurring. 

How often do motorcycle accidents happen?

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are many statistics about the types of accidents that happen and who has them, but little reliable information on just what happens when all these motorcycles collide with each other or other vehicles. The following points will serve to inform you about the dangers associated with riding a bike and what you can do to avoid becoming another statistic. That is why you need to educate yourself in preventing motorcycle accidents, even if you don’t use them frequently. Almost everyone riding a motorcycle knows somebody who has had some type of accident with their bike. The reasons vary, from hitting a slick spot on the road to being cut off by another vehicle, but no matter what caused it, motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences for riders and those inside the other vehicles involved. 

So, what can you do to avoid them?

1. Wear a helmet

This one tip alone will save your life should you ever be involved in an accident. Because motorcyclists are not enclosed in cars, their bodies are susceptible to even the smallest bump because of how vulnerable they are. However, instead of wearing just any type of helmet, it should be one that is approved by relevant safety authorities and which you have correctly fastened so as not to fly off in the event of a crash or accident. Helmets that have been approved by relevant safety authorities will have a sticker on the inside of them that tells you just how well they can protect your head. Also, it is best to wear protective gloves and boots, as well as goggles or sunglasses with a shatter-resistant lens when riding. 

2. Be visible 

Whether you are riding during the day or night time, make sure your motorcycle has sufficient lighting on it so as not to risk being involved in a motorcycle accident because an oncoming car does not see you. Putting highly reflective stickers on your bike also helps improve road visibility for motorists who might be coming from behind you, as well as those who strike your vehicle from the front. Additionally, you need to wear clothing that is bright and also reflective to ensure other drivers miss you when you are on the road. 

3. Check your bike for signs of damage 

It does not matter whether your motorcycle was involved in an accident or sustained some damage due to another reason, the first thing to do before riding it again is to check for any damage. If you cannot easily identify what has happened to your motorcycle because of the extent of the damage, try taking it to a mechanic, so they can help you find out all about your bike. Even if there are no visible signs of damage on your motorcycle, it is still possible for something to be wrong with it and for you to be at risk of causing an accident.

4. Ensure your bike has enough fuel 

Running out of gas during a trip can happen no matter how much you are riding your motorcycle, but if there is not enough fuel in the tank, you are at risk of having an accident. Rather than taking the risk, make sure your motorcycle has enough fuel in it before riding out to avoid any issues with running out mid-trip and getting involved in a motorcycle accident because of it. Also, before riding out on your motorcycle, you need to check what type of road conditions are present because this will determine the amount of care required when riding. If there is rain or snow on the roads, then you require to be extremely cautious driving because these types of road conditions can easily cause you to lose control of your bike.

5. Know how to handle your bike 

Learn how to control your bike properly because there is no better way of avoiding a motorcycle accident than knowing what to do when something happens on the road that puts you at risk of sliding or rolling over. The first thing you require to learn is how to brake, which should be done gently for maximum effectiveness and should not involve hitting the brakes as hard as possible because this could cause your wheels to lock and send you over the handlebars. Also, you need to learn how to steer properly because an accident can happen if you are not able to turn your motorcycle effectively when needed.

Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous simply because you are not protected by your vehicle the same way other road users are. Even if you follow all these tips, it is still possible to be involved in a motorcycle accident, but this will make the chances of something happening significantly lower.