What makes people start vaping

For vaping as a subculture, we should thank America, because there were the first vaping shops began to appear and information about what an electronic cigarette is and how it should be tried was actively disseminated. Vape manufacturers helped to invite vapers to present new products and organize small vaping shows.

The Internet and bloggers played a significant role here, because from the very beginning the vaping communities appeared on the Web, and then moved to offline. Nowadays, many steam specialists record videos or give master classes and even earn money on it. Tasty and unusual smells turned out to be the main reason why smokers or non smokers try and start smoking electronic cigarettes. This is written by British drug treatment experts who have published an article in the Harm Reduction Journal.
“We have shown that all non-tobacco tastes, especially fruit flavors, are most popular among vapers, which completely switched from traditional tobacco products to the vape pen from Vaping Daily. Accordingly, if they are banned, then most of them can go back to cigarettes “, – says Christopher Russell from the Center for the Study of Addiction in Glasgow (Scotland).

In the past 2 years, thanks to the rapid growth in the popularity of electronic cigarettes among smokers, scientists have begun to take an active interest in whether such vaporizers have the useful properties that their manufacturers attribute to them, and how much less harmful they are to their health than regular cigarettes.

These studies have led to contradictory results – in general, tobacco smoke is more dangerous to the lungs and the entire body of a person, but scientists have recently found out that vape pens fumes contain a lot of carcinogens and toxins produced as a result of “burning” part of the evaporated liquid on the spiral filament.

Russell and his colleagues conducted a large-scale survey among fans of such evaporators on the order of Fontem Ventures, one of the major manufacturers of evaporators. They tried to understand exactly what made them switch from tobacco to vape, and how this transition influenced the frequency of smoking and other habits.

Approximately 20,000 vapers living in the USA today took part in it, some of which smoke vaporizer pen all the time, while others touch it only once or twice. As this survey showed, virtually all avid vapers smoked cigarettes with a fruity or “candy” flavor. Most episodic smokers who use both tobacco and vape used fillers with savory fillers.

Interestingly, the number of people who have never smoked ordinary cigarettes, but have tried vapes, has grown in recent years along with the popularity of “fruit” fillers for electronic cigarettes. Such facts, according to Russell, will complicate the fight against smoking and with the negative consequences of the use of vapes, since a ban on either one or the other will lead to the fact that future or current smokers simply switch to the second product. On the other hand, scientists believe that the “fruit” vapes, despite their potential carcinogenicity, are less harmful than real cigarettes, and therefore their ban can adversely affect the health of smokers who do not plan to give up the bad habit.
One of the easiest explanations for why many like vaping is that vaping is more comfortable than smoking. Instead of flicking a lighter, people just press the button, and the fragrant steam is right there. The steam is inhaled just as it does when smoking a cigarette, so smokers have no problem with that.

One of the first things that those who switched to vaping noted was the returning taste. People who threw cigarettes or turned to vapor pen said that the sense of taste has changed, we can say that “returned.”
We can point out several reasons why people try wipes:

1) Fashion for electronic cigarettes. This is a relatively new device for smoking; everything new is of great interest in society, it is considered cool and modern. Now even teenagers in schools use wipes.
2) Many people switch to wipes in the hope of quitting the addiction to smoking. And indeed, the rejection of conventional cigarettes in favor of vape pen mods can help in this difficult task.
3) People are attracted to the fact that there is a considerable amount of liquids for electronic cigarettes. Everyone can find for themselves the taste that they like best.
Vaping (abbreviated from the English word “vaporizing”, evaporation) implies a liquid that will evaporate. This liquid is called “e-liquid” or, simply, “juice”. Juice for electronic cigarettes has one main component and three additional components. The main component is vegetable glycerin (VG). Any other elements can be added to it in any ratio: propylene glycol (PG), flavorings or liquid nicotine.
The dessert flavors remain the most popular, the second place is occupied by fruit, the rest of the categories have a limited circle of fans. In addition to standard flavors, such as mint, nicotine, coffee, chocolate, you can find quite original ones, for example, ice cherries, strong cappuccino. No special top tag includes the best flavors for best vape pen. There is only a rating of the most unusual, bright fillers that will definitely not leave a smoker indifferent.

Vaping has become popular recently and has caused a stir in the world of tobacco smoke, for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • You can regulate the nicotine share yourself, as well as add various liquids that change the taste and aroma of the inhaled vapor, and now you are enjoying the smell you personally chose;
  • a wide range of products offered;
  • profitability in use;
  • and one of the main advantages, you protect yourself and others from the harmful effects of nicotine.

Today, soaring such devices is not prohibited by law. It is scientifically proven that they contain much fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes. It’s allowed to smoke not only on the street at bus stops and other public places but also on the premises. What happens next, no one knows.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.