What to visit in Armenia and Georgia?

The land of indescribable beauty of nature, heavenly peaks, hot sun and sweet fruits has its name and it sounds as Caucasus. Days in Armenia and Georgia are with bright colors. To make them truly unforgettable, make sure to visit to the most interesting destinations in Armenia and Georgia.

The most interesting places in Armenia

The beauty of Armenia was described in poems and songs. The greatest adventure is to see one of the oldest countries on earth with your own eyes.


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Sevan is the largest high-mountain freshwater lake in the CIS while Armenians call it Geghama Sea. Landscapes of Lake Sevan are striking: on one side the lake is surrounded by mountain ranges, on the other are you can enjoy the view of alpine meadows and forests. The mountainous lake has a capricious climate: strong wind blows the whole year, the temperature in the hottest months of summer does not exceed +30, and the water temperature is about +20. The most suitable time for a beach holiday is July and August.

The Lake is not the only landmark of the region. The territory was inhabited before our era. Traces of ancient civilization, inscriptions and fortresses were found on the shores of Sevan. In addition, the unique examples of medieval architecture are the eighth-century Sevanavank monastery and Airavank.


Being one of the oldest countries Armenians have become the first to adopt Christianity as an official state religion. An integral part of the history of Christianity is the main shrine of the country, the cathedral of Etchmiadzin.

Gregory the Illuminator became the first Catholicos of the Armenian Church and laid the stone of the cathedral in 301 AD after the adoption of Christianity. The legend tells that Jesus pointed the holy place of the cathedral to Gregory the Illuminator. The name of the cathedral is translated as “the descent of the only begotten”, the place of the descent of the son of God.

The small altar was built and changed for centuries. Modern cathedral is a huge building with luxurious frescoes and ornaments, portraits of saints and apostles. The cathedral is a place of pilgrimage not only for all Armenians, but also for Christians around the world.


An example of the grandeur of Armenian architecture is the monastery complex Tatev. It is built over the abyss of the gorge and standing in front of the monastery you feel complete harmony with the mighty Syunik Mountains and deep gorge.

The first temple of the monastery complex was built in the IX century, and once it was the religious center of Armenia. The doors and walls of the monastery are decorated with complicated ornaments and frescoes, which deserve attention.

The monastery complex can be visited at any time of the year, and each time it will open to you with unique beauty. Every season in Vorotan gorge is beautiful in its own way whether you see snow-capped mountains, autumn colors or dense greenery. You can enjoy the beauty of the gorge from a bird’s flight not only from the cliff, but also on “Wings of Tatev” ropeway. By the way, the Tatev ropeway is considered to be the longest in the world.


Tsaghkadzor is the most popular ski resort in Armenia. The natural features of the mountain slopes, perfect weather and heavy fall made Tsaghkadzorr a favorite place for skiing and snowboarding. Tsaghkadzor is one of the beloved names of freeride lovers. Extreme lovers can find exclusive routes in 15 available ones.

The ski resort is equipped with a three-level cable car and skiing tracks of different complexity. The highest point of skating is 2819 m. The height offers one of the best view of Mount Ararat.

Tsaghkadzor is a modern ski resort where the tourists can enjoy comfortable rest. Ski resort offers five-star hotels, guest houses and hostels, rent of snowboards, skis and snowmobiles, cafes, restaurants and much more.

The most interesting places in Georgia

Georgia or Sakartvelo, the country of high mountains and wine, welcomes new guests. It is a country of warm Black Sea coasts, fertile lands, strong wine and hot toasts, cheerful sounds of Lezginka and ancient temples.


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Mtskheta is an ancient region and another era in modern Georgia. It is the first capital of the country founded in the first century BC. The name is connected with Christianity as the religion was pronounced as a state one in Mtskheta in 327. Today Mtskheta is the spiritual center of Georgia.

Despite the fact that the city was repeatedly destroyed, it still survived. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is the most important sight of the city. The temple was built in the IV century and is considered one of the largest objects. The second large temple of Samtavro was built in honor of Saint Nina.

Walking around the city and in suburbs you will see the Jvari Monastery built on the confluence of two rivers, the ancient fortress of Bebriscihe, the Pompeii Bridge built in 65 BC and other ancient sights.


One of the most popular destinations in Georgia literally smells of wine because we are heading to Kakheti, to the land of winemaking. Grapes were a symbol of the region even before our era, when ancient people was engaged in winemaking.

Kakheti is the part of the Alazani Valley, the land of fertile lands, warm sun and mild climate. Natural factors, together with traditional winemaking technology, makes Kakheti wine the best in Georgia.

Your journey through Kakheti will pass through the largest wine factories in the region, the capital of Telavi, the most beautiful lakes of Kvareli and Lopota and the beautiful city of Sighnaghi’s love.


Do you like to pamper your skin with a golden tan? Welcome to the Black Sea resort of Batumi, the capital of Adjara. In a short time, the small town turned into a modern resort with beautiful beaches, five-star hotels, restaurants and clubs.

The main attraction of the city is Batumi Boulevard, which stretches along the shore. At every step you will see unique sculptures and statues, and the most beautiful one is Ali and Nino. The huge steel monument consists of two parts, a woman and a man move in a unique dance every 10 minutes and merge into a kiss.


Only mountains can be better than mountains! The ski resort is considered one of the visiting cards of Georgia. This is the largest and most popular ski resort in the Caucasus, and it guests adventure lovers from neighboring countries and all over the world. The resort town is inexpensive, even for a budget tourist. Here you can find both luxurious five-star hotels, cottages and guest houses. Gudauri is a modern winter resort that offers all kinds of outdoor activities – snowboarding, freeriding, skiing, paragliding and much more to extreme lovers.

Gudauri is located in the Kazbegsky region, 120 km from Tbilisi. The first lift station is at the height of 1990m, the height of the upper lift is 3307m. The total number of tracks is 22 of different complexity.