Why Does Florida Have Such Strict Online Gambling Laws?

Is Online Gambling Legal In Florida?

At this time, the state does not allow any type of gambling to take place over the internet. A bill that was recently passed in Florida made it possible for the state to begin offering legal online gambling in 2021.

Additionally, the Seminole Tribe was granted permission to offer sportsbooks to residents of the state in addition to continuing to host in-person sports betting events at their venues.

Regrettably, in the future, a federal judge may rule against Florida and the Seminole Tribe about their gambling compact. Since then, the tribe has appealed the verdict, but in the meantime, it has halted all of the internet gaming activity that takes place in Florida on its HardRock betting site.

In Florida, the prohibition on playing casino games online will stay in effect until a decision is made about the appeal. On the other hand, you are able to participate in offshore casinos. Technically speaking, this type of gambling falls under the gray area of state law and no one has been prosecuted by far for doing so. By legalizing online gambling in Florida, the state could be bringing in some $500M in tax revenue by the end of 2022.

The Difficulties Of Legalizing Online Gambling And Online Casino Games

At this very moment in the Sunshine State, billions of cash contributed by Floridian gamblers are being funneled to illegal operators based overseas who run dangerous websites. The states have begun to recognize that because the players are going to play regardless, there is no reason not to legalize the sites and tax them.

It’s a win-win situation for both the players and the states, as the money is kept within the state and betting sites are becoming safer and more accountable for their actions.

In spite of the fact that calls for legalization have been increasingly audible over the course of the past few years, the process of legalizing continues to be hampered by a number of difficulties.

The Seminole Tribe’s Influence On Online Gambling In Florida

Let us begin by stating that making gambling online lawful will necessitate the discovery of an end-all, be-all solution to the difficult and drawn-out situation involving the Seminole Nation, which has been granted nearly exclusive rights to gambling under the terms of a compact inked in 2010.

The rights were given away in exchange for a payment of close to 350 million dollars each year. In 2019, the Seminole began withholding the payments as a result of a dispute regarding the decision of some facilities that do not pertain to them to offer gaming options that, according to the Seminole, violate the gambling rights compact.

The dispute stems from the fact that the Seminole believes that these facilities are in violation of the gambling rights compact because they offer gaming options that are not authorized by the compact.

The Governor Still Putting His Foot Down On The Ban

A casino gambling development in the state of Florida is only allowed to take place once Floridians have expressed their approval through a voting process, as stated by the constitutional amendment that was passed in 2018 and was accepted by voters in Florida. This is the second significant issue.

Additionally, we must take into account the fact that Governor Richard Scott of Florida is one of the most vocal proponents of moving forward with the ban. However, his viewpoint was and continues to be the subject of widespread criticism.

The extensive involvement in the casino sector of another of the Governor’s most significant financial backers and donors has caused many interested parties and parties involved in the game to raise their eyebrows, which is one of the factors why this complaint has been leveled.

Pros And Cons Of Online Gambling


  • Convenient and comfortable gaming from anywhere.
  • A better and wider range of betting and gaming options.
  • Privacy and security, you can gamble anonymously.
  • Bonuses and rewards are often better than those of land based casinos.


  • Risk of playing with illegal operators.
  • This can result in one becoming anti-social.
  • Cashout and withdrawals may not always be instant.
  • Higher risk for gambling addiction since its available 24/7.


It is now abundantly clear that regardless of the fact that there are no legal gambling services in Florida, residents of the state are nevertheless finding satisfaction in visiting casinos located outside of the state. These casinos are located outside of the country. As a direct result of recent legislation, a large number of individuals are anxiously anticipating the launch of the first online casino that will significantly improve the situation for people living in the state of Florida.

On the other hand, the fact that  Florida does not currently have a legally operating online casino and does not have any immediate plans to launch one does not appear to be a factor that discourages residents of Florida from participating in online gambling. Whilst waiting for online gambling to become legalized in Florida you may want to take a look at the top 30 gamer tattoos for men and maybe think about getting one for yourself.