10 Places in Slovenia That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Slovenia (Slovene: Slovenija) is a country that belongs to the European Union, despite bordering with Italy, Croatia , Hungary and Austria, (surprisingly) the country  is not  among the most sought when making a getaway trip, perhaps because they were relatively independent from Yugoslavia Recently, in 1991, and they did not join the EU until 2004.
However, if you love the sea, the mountains, the good food, outdoor activities or visiting monuments – Slovenia could be a perfect destination for your next vacation.
Scroll down and enjoy the most beautiful corners of Slovenia that look like they have been taken out of fairytales.

10. Lake Bled.

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

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There is a very famous snapshot from Slovenia that surely, if you have investigated a little about this green place even at the bottom of the heart, you have seen before. Well, that photographed site is Lake Bled. This glacial lake offers an infinity of plans for all tastes, one of those places that is nicknamed “summer” even if you don’t go in the summer. It is exactly that place where walking around returns to the relaxation we were looking for before taking those dear holidays. If you have already taken the 6-kilometer reconnaissance tour that we recommended at the beginning of the post, and have stopped from time to time to look up and admire the landscape, you will have noticed the castle on top of the cobbled hill. That is the Bled Castle, located 130 meters high from the lake. You can visit this place with an entry of € 11, but the best is the free guide that you can download to your mobile to better understand the history of this place, Bled. Inside this castle you can find all the history of Bled, geology, anthropology and multimedia screens with which to interact, to learn about the place in a more fun way. Even with all that this castle offers, all of us who visit it agree on one thing: the most wonderful thing about this castle is the panoramic view of Lake Bled. Ojstrica is a viewpoint that rises 611 meters above sea level, that is, counting that the lake is more or less 485 meters above sea level, you must climb 126 meters of mountain to reach the best viewpoint of all of Bled, from where you can better enjoy the views. You can also rest on the bench there that obviously has the same views. The path around the lake usually goes by the side of the road, but in this area, the path separates from the road to become a wooden footbridge over the lake for a pleasant walk. Bled Island is the jewel in the crown of the lake as well as being the only island in Slovenia. You can reach it by swimming or by boat and you must climb the almost 100 steps until you reach its church, the Church of the Assumption of Mary. It is an essential visit in Bled as well as being a lot of fun if you rent a boat and paddle yourself to the island. For lovers who want to get married in the church on the island of Bled, a local tradition says that the groom should carry his wife in his arms and climb the steps to the church. During the duration of the climb the bride cannot speak at any time or bad luck will fall on the marriage.