5 Ways Auto Accident Injury Lawyers Protect Your Legal Rights

Most people know the Bill of Rights, but few know specific laws regarding personal injury victims. Some don’t realize they have rights until years later, when it is too late to claim specific rights. Auto accident victims are entitled to damages, and legal representation, among others.

This blog will explore how auto accident injury attorneys protect your rights as an auto crash victim.

1. The Right to Access Crucial Evidence

After surviving an auto crash, you first collect evidence from the scene, including photos, videos, the other driver’s license number, and witnesses’ addresses. But after sustaining severe injuries, your priority should be getting urgent medical attention. Your only chance of proving what happened is getting a copy of police reports and other forms of evidence in the hands of the defendants.

Ideally, victims have a right to access police reports, medical reports, and other legal documents, but this is not always the case. A Manhattan personal injury lawyer will quickly secure expert reports, video footage, and witness statements using their legal knowledge and experience. Your right to access crucial evidence and information is thus upheld and the evidence ready.

2. Right to Remain Silent

The defendant’s insurers quickly call after learning of the crash, requesting information” to fasten the processing of your claim.” Unknown to many victims, you aren’t obligated to provide recorded or written statements against your wishes. Instead, politely deny their request and hold your silence until you consult an auto accident attorney.

They intend to lock you up on what you said and use it to turn the tide against you. A lawyer should handle all communication with the defendant’s insurers. They will also provide an oral or written statement you must communicate directly with insurance adjusters.

3. Statute of Limitations

Auto accident victims have a right to file for damages or take legal action against the liable parties within a specific timeline. The statute of limitations for auto-related accident claims in Manhattan, New York, is three years from the day of the occurrence. You no longer have the right to sue or seek compensation for your injuries if you skip that deadline.

A seasoned auto accident lawyer will move quickly to meet that deadline and fulfill other legal requirements since they are familiar with personal injury laws. Victims should first call a personal injury attorney to protect their rights after a crash. They will do all the legwork while you focus on recovery from injuries sustained.

4. Right to Legal Representation

You are going against an insurance firm by pursuing a personal injury claim following an auto accident. Somewhere between the process, you must negotiate with their agents, whose job is to scrutinize your case and reduce payout in any way possible. They might even convince you to avoid lawyers and settle quickly.

Whether in negotiations or legal battles before a jury, you are entitled to representation from a personal injury attorney. Lawyers know the hurdles and hoops placed to minimize or deny your claim. Having a seasoned auto accident attorney on board means your right to legal representation is upheld.

5. Right to Compensation for Emotional and Physical Injuries Sustained

In most states, including New York, car accident victims can seek compensation from insurers and other liable parties. Although it is your right, getting them to compensate you is a tough battle where victory is only sometimes guaranteed. This is especially true for persons needing a legal background or knowledge of law matters but not practicing.

An auto accident injury lawyer is your best bet to secure the compensation you deserve from the at-fault party. They will investigate whether the defendant’s insurance coverage and assets are enough to cover your claim. In case of a lawsuit, they can present the case before a plaintiff-friendly jury and fight to secure non-economic damages like pain and suffering.