8 Benefits of STEM Lesson Plans

Children love learning about the weather and the more dramatic the weather the more interested they become. High-powered winds, the funnel clouds of tornadoes, and the eye of the hurricane all hold a fascination for young students. The STEM lesson plans for elementary students take advantage of this interest to teach kids about the weather of the world.

The weather program brings in science and technology to the classroom. Here are some ways the program challenges students.

  1. Customized Learning. Through the providing of weather stations for schools, students study the specific weather of their area. They learn meteorological concepts while looking at the temperatures, wind patterns and rainfall amounts of their locality.
  2. Students not only learn about the weather, they also study agricultural concepts and computer programs. They also become familiar with many scientific principles.
  3. Global Focus. Since weather happens everywhere, and it varies from place to place, students also learn about the broader world. They discover that conditions at the equator differ greatly from those at higher latitudes.
  4. Computer Skills. Much of the work is done on computers, with a unique weather visualization tool. This software program enables them to see weather events around the world.
  5. Community Involvement. The community is encouraged to be involved in several important ways, including:
  • Visits to the outdoor weather station for school use
  • Facebook and Twitter posts about live weather events
  • Morning forecasts to the school community
  • Evening summaries of the weather
  1. Real World Applications. Students are not merely studying an abstract subject that they may not connect with, but are engaging with the actual physical world. This can appeal to students who might struggle with some traditional subjects.
  1. Job Options. Some students might become interested in pursuing a career in meteorology. It could also inspire other pursuits, such as computer programming.
  1. Students also learn the importance of accurate forecasts for safety. They will also become aware of the role weather plays in the lives of all people.

To learn more about STEM lesson plans for elementary students, contact us at our Earth Networks website. We provide weather products and services to the world community.