Are You Facing False Imprisonment Charges? Here Are Some Useful Tips

An act of false imprisonment is the deprivation of one’s personal freedoms after he or she has consented to stay in a specific area. This crime includes holding, detaining, restraining another person against his own will using violence (or threat of force), intimidation, or deception. False imprisonment is considered an offense that leaves victims feeling angry and helpless because they feel that there is no way for them to escape their situation. If you are facing false imprisonment charges, here are some helpful tips on what to do next.

Hire A Lawyer

The moment you find yourself in a situation where you are facing false imprisonment charges, make sure to hire an attorney immediately. This is especially true if you’re in a location with strict laws, like Wichita in which case hiring the best criminal lawyers in Wichita is important. Hiring an experienced lawyer is essential because he or she can help address your legal issues in court and fight on your behalf.

Having the right attorney might be enough to secure your freedom. Furthermore, when you have legal representation, it shows that you acknowledge that what is being done to you isn’t proper which could show the prosecutors another side of your story aside from what they previously thought. This may lead them to reduce or drop all pending cases against you so that both of you can part ways amicably without any more accusations hurled at each other. 

Prepare Your Evidence

Having a clear and concise picture of what truly happened will be helpful especially if you’re going to trial. Make sure that your facts are straight and true because it is the only way the jury will buy the story you have been trying to sell them about your innocence. In short, make sure all of your evidence is beyond reproach so that even those who have never trusted others in their entire lives would believe everything you say as long as your evidence proves it to be true.

Cooperate With Your Lawyer

Your attorney will help you in preparing your defense, which includes presenting all of the evidence that can prove your innocence. By working with him or her from beginning to end, you’ll be in a better position in getting the results that will work in your favor in court. You might even avoid going on trial altogether if you cooperate with your lawyer and find different methods to settle the problem without going through all the hassles of going before a judge and jury.

Never Arouse Suspicions Of The Authorities

Before making any statement about what happened, always ask yourself whether it is something that could lead to another case being filed against you. If so, then do not say it during your interrogation because this is what people who are guilty usually do to get themselves out of the mess. Being careful about what you say will highlight your intention to cooperate with authorities. 

Seek Help

Seeking help from a clinical psychologist is a good idea especially if you’re experiencing stress and anxiety regarding the false imprisonment charges against you. It would be best to seek professional assistance as soon as possible because waiting too long could make it even more difficult for you to cope with all your problems. The sooner you seek help, the faster you can move on with your life and forget about what happened before so that nothing would stand between you and your future tomorrow. 

After seeking help, it is best, to be honest with your emotions. If you feel like breaking down or if you are afraid of what might happen in the future, make sure that you share your feelings with someone who can understand what you’re going through right now. Being truthful about how you feel will help literally anyone because opening up to others shows that you trust them enough not only to confide in them but also to accept their help. This way, they will know exactly how they should guide you towards moving on from this unfortunate incident.

Be Patient And Positive

It doesn’t matter if you are the type of person who hates waiting or is used to taking things into his or her own hands, getting out of your predicament needs both patience and positivity. You will never escape these false imprisonment charges just by being irritable because it will only prove that you are guilty of what you have been accused of. Being patient may not seem easy at first but as time passes, it gets easier until you don’t even notice it anymore. Just remember to breathe in and breathe out so that your mind remains clear throughout the entire process until everything finally blows over.

Getting false imprisonment charges is perhaps one of the worse things that can happen to you in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are guilty because being accused is already enough for people to think that you did it. Having said this, before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions about why these charges were brought up against you, always seek legal help first so that any problems can be resolved right away throughout the entire duration of your trial period. With a good lawyer on your side, there should be nothing stopping you from moving on with your life while achieving all of the goals and ambitions waiting for you ahead!