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Incredible Treehotels in Sweden

Treehotels in Sweden

After posting about, the most expensive hotels in the world & the robot hotel in Japan now we will focus on Treehotels (ye hotels on trees). The TreeHotel, is located in “the land of the midnight sun” (Sweden for the lazy penguins who don’t know it) and came up with the idea of offering an unique experience near the Lule...

The Most Beautiful Villages Around The World

Popeye Village, Malta

Unfortunately dear Lazy Penguins many industrialized countries which once were picturesque and idyllic villages in rural areas have now become, in most of the cases “ghost towns and villages”. These villages have now been destroyed where most of them are forgotten routes where only wild animals can be found on them and where the vegetation...

World’s Most Expensive Private Islands For Sale

Rangyai Island, Thailand

Today, fellow lazy penguins we will pretend we are “very rich” and can just spoil our millions of dollars, just like that. Have you ever thought of spending the whole year lying on the beach of your own private islands in a remote hideaway place? At this moment, you have the choice (if you have the cash) to buy a number of exotic islets. You...

15 Of The Most Spectacular Caves Around The World

Melissani Cave. Kefalonia

While speaking of cavemen, images spring to our mind far from majestic caverns, caves and grottos. We put together many caves that exist around the globe, all beautiful, many of them hidden and almost inaccessible. We know you want to see and visit them, but we have to warn you fellow lazy penguins that most are closed to the public and can only...

The Most Visually Incredible Natural Phenomena On Earth

Volcanic Lightning

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Our world is an incredibly wonderful and mysterious place! Even though we have been exploring it for such a long time, there are always new things to discover and even amusing old ones worth revisiting. Today we present some of the weirdest, coolest looking, amazing, natural phenomena on...

Lovely And Unique Bracelets Made With Real Flowers

Lavender And Wheat Resin

Fellow lazy penguins today we’re on the topic of jewelry. More specifically, lovely, unique, handmade bracelets! What is special about these bracelets that makes them unique? It’s the fact that they are made with real flower resins and other types of plants and trees. The result is the harmonic combination of fashion, style and nature...

The Spectacular 2015 Audubon Photography Awards

Sandhill Cranes. Jason Savage

If you’re familiar with the wildlife and nature photography scene then you’ve surely heard of the Audubon Photography Awards before. They are popular photography awards hosted by Audubon which is a society aiming to conserve wildlife, with their focus being birds, as well as restoring ruined ecosystems. This year was their sixth...

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