How to make cleaning your dining room easier?

Dining room is where the family meets for meals and guests are entertained. It is the overseer of intimate dinners, carefree lunches and breakfast ensembles. But the place can begin to look shabby if not cleaned and cared for properly. In nuclear families, where everyone is always rushing in and out of the door at odd times, it can be challenging to maintain the household.

Hence, a little planning can make cleaning the dining room easier and efficient. Not all tasks are supposed to be planned for each day of the week. An adequate housework calendar can be arranged so that the room remains tidy without costing the homeowners futile effort.

Dust the furniture every day

Dusting is something you should do every day. It shouldn’t entail exhaustive scrubbing and, but it should get rid of dust that settles on furniture. A feather duster or a clean cloth is excellent for the purpose.

Vacuum the carpets couple times a week

A vacuum cleaner is effective at cleaning carpets and rugs. This doesn’t have to be done every day, but often enough, so the floor remains clean. If there are any food or drink stains, they should be spot treated with a good carpet cleaner as soon as possible because once dry, they can be hard to get out.

Specialised cloth for high gloss surfaces and windows

High gloss or lacquered furniture is classy, but it can be somewhat challenging to maintain. But there’s nothing to worry about. Day to day dusting should be good enough to keep it tidy. But in case there are a lot of fingerprints or water streaks on your high gloss TV unit or dining room table, then invest in a microfiber or e-cloth. This sort of fabric is specialised for cleaning purposes, and it can wipe away all grease and stains from shiny surfaces.

Moreover, it is perfect for wiping dust and water stains from the dining room windows. Windows should be washed every once in a while, but for a little light cleaning, an e-cloth would do.

Sweep the cobwebs once a month or two

Corners are a favourite with fibres. Of course, if the room is cleaned regularly, then it will reduce the chances of spiders sneaking in and spinning webs. However, cobwebs may appear in a place from time to time. The best way to clean them, especially if they’re in a hard to reach area such as the ceiling, is to sweep them away with a broom.

Wash upholstery every few months

Dining room upholstery and curtains should be washed a couple times a year. This is because the dirty fabric is not just an aesthetic concern, but also a potential health hazard. Dust mites and allergens can get accumulated in threads of the fabric and cause illness. They can be washed in warm water using a good fabric cleaner and left in the sun to dry out. But not too long or their colour may be damaged.