Interior Design Tips for Your RV

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those RVs prepare them for some spring and summer adventures. According to an article on, “most RVs are used for frequent weekend getaways, maybe five or six trips a year, with one longer one mixed in”. That said, it makes a lot of sense to decorate the inside of your RV electrical or not,  so that it feels like more of a second home and paradise on the road.

If you don’t have an RV yet, there’s plenty of models to choose from as well as sellers to purchase from, like Coleman Campers dealers, among a long list of others. These tips can help you design your RV to be especially welcoming and “homey.”

Add Some Color

Long gone are the days when the inside of an RV was expected to be one or two shades of brown. Use some color to bring the interior of your camper to life by picking two or three colors along with highlights to give it more personality. Paint the walls just as you would in your own house, accenting them with a couple rugs to bring everything together. You might be surprised at what a difference it makes to your home on the go, and how much warmer and inviting it will feel with some color on the walls.

Use Reclaimed Wood to Your Advantage

Using old wood to give the inside of your RV a fresh new look is a tip is something you should seriously consider. There are so many ways to spruce up your furnishings with reclaimed wood, such as giving your bathroom a new wooden floor to give it that ‘spa’ feel, or create a table and chairs with a classic and natural theme. This not only benefits you, but it helps promote a greener lifestyle too.

Add a Luxury Item or Two

Just because your RV is your temporary home a few times a year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some classy touches to it. Why not replace your old coffee maker with a more luxurious model to ensure your morning java is just as delicious on the road as it is at home, while also providing a more attractive look? Or, upgrade those worn and torn curtains to something a little more modern. You’ll really appreciate these small, fine touches in your RV’s interior every time you head out on a trip.

Flameless Candles

Nothing sets the mood like a few candles, but let’s face it, open flames inside a RV aren’t exactly safe, putting you, your family and vehicle at risk of a serious accident. Luckily flameless candles are available at almost any home store and are a great way to make an RV’s interior super cozy and peaceful at night without compromising your safety.

Maps for Wallpaper

Do you have a few old maps or atlas books from your last few road trips? Consider transforming them into nifty travel-themed wall paper that will remind you of all your previous ventures. Not only is this a trendy way to repurpose your old maps, but it adds some personality and gives your walls an intriguing design.