Most Popular Cannabis Strains in the U.S. in 2020

Though you might not quite believe it, 2020 is finally ending. After months and months of bad news, you are probably ready for a new year — but before you leave the year of coronavirus, the presidential election, murder hornets and mysterious monoliths, t might be worth your time to reflect on some of the most important trends over the past 12 months. One of the trends in 2020 was the use of cannabis delivery services like GrassDoor due to the stay-at-home orders placed depending on where you live.

Considering that cannabis sales have been through the roof ever since the U.S. was first exposed to COVID-19, it is particularly interesting to review the most popular pot strains during this year. Without further ado, here are the strains that Americans everywhere loved throughout 2020:

Cookies Gelato

The offspring of two legendary strains isn’t always something beautiful, but in the case of Cookies Gelato, cannabis breeders stumbled onto something magnificent. Descending from Girl Scout Cookies (more often called GSC thanks to a certain lawsuit) and Gelato phenotype #33, Cookies Gelato inherited only the best features of both its parents: their sweet flavor, their intense THC content, their outstanding energy boost and more. Like more than a few strains on this list, Cookies Gelato isn’t a good option for a beginner, but experienced tokers will be able to appreciate the subtleties of this wondrous blend of genetics.

Green Gelato

A cousin of Cookies Gelato, Green Gelato comes from a mix of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (a variant on the GSC classic) and Sunset Sherbet. The result is a strain with an indescribable chocolate-orange aroma that is inescapably delicious. Though still slightly rare, Green Gelato is available across much of the West Coast, and home growers can purchase seeds and clones to produce their own bud at home. However, beginners be warned: The THC content in this strain can be incredibly high and a bit imbalanced, so dose with care.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the oldest strains still available in dispensaries — and for good reason. This true indica is legendary for its medicinal benefits, which include a deep body relaxation and powerful pain relief. This strain first appeared under mysterious circumstances in Seattle in the 1990s, and many suspect that it blends Thai and Afghan genetics. Regardless, users can find it everywhere from medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma and recreational dispensaries in New Jersey, and its relatively mild THC and CBD content makes it approachable for beginners and experts alike.

Royal Gorilla

For years, Gorilla Glue #4 has reigned supreme, but in 2020, GG4 was dethroned by its offspring, Royal Gorilla. It isn’t uncommon for Royal Gorilla to have THC well exceeding 25 percent, which according to its breeders was a complete and utter accident. Doctors and budtenders often recommend this strain to those suffering from chronic pain because its high THC content swiftly causes whole-body relaxation and a heaping dose of euphoria. However, recreational users, too, can benefit from the balanced high if they have built an appropriate THC tolerance beforehand.

Triple G

Gorilla Glue strains were forced to shorten their names to GG as a result of another brand lawsuit, and most stoners happily call the strains double-G. Therefore, users familiar with the GG family should recognize that Triple G is an exciting escalation of these hybrids, providing massive amounts of THC that provide immediate and penetrating effects. Users with some THC tolerance are likely to feel incredibly euphoric, and some even experience some visual stimulus thanks to cannabinoids overwhelming the central nervous system. Though Triple G doesn’t have fantastic medical applications, it does provide a rip-roaring recreational ride.


It is important to note right away that using this strain won’t turn users into angry green monsters. Much more likely is that users sink deep into their seats, feeling more calm and relaxed than ever before. Though Hulkberry comes in a few different phenotypes, experts agree that the best is Bruce Banner #3, which has a delightful citrus flavor that is grounded by an earthy, traditional cannabis aroma. For those who cannot find Hulkberry in their regional dispensaries, this is one of the easiest plants to grow at home and rewards green thumbs with giant size and plentiful buds.

For very few people was 2020 the best year in living memory, but anyone who encountered these amazing strains this year have at least some reason to rejoice. Everyone else should keep their eyes out for these strains on dispensary shelves in 2021.