10 Places in Costa Rica That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales


Costa Rica is a small country in Central America and the crossroads between South and North America and between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. In other words, it’s paradise on earth for beach lovers. The exquisite places in Costa Rica’s shores have no end and make it a favourable destination for summer holidays….

10 Places in Panama That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales


Panama is a small but beautiful country in Central America, and the thin piece of land that geographically connects North and South America. It is literally the crossroads of the American continents. The oceans prevail in this country which is surrounded on both sides by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As one would expect, the…

The Best Of The Nocturnal Opossum


Opossum are one of the marsupial species of the animal kingdom, native to Central and North America. They can be very adorable! Opossum which are also known as Possum are usually white or a white and black. There are many different species that belong to the Opossum family. As a matter of fact, Opossum is the largest…

The Adorable Big Eyed Margay Of The American Forests

Margay are a species of wild cats that resemble Ocelots especially due to their eyes being relatively big compared to the size of their heads. They are adorable little creatures but unfortunately they are an endangered species. As mentioned their striped fur and their big round eyes make them comparable to ocelots but Margay are much…