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Amazing Interior Design Home Setups

Interior Design Awesomeness

Sometimes decorating a house or designing its layout turns into an art. Some ideas give birth to incredibly beautiful interior design setups and today we’re looking at some of the most impressive! The following ideas are special because they are unique and because they give each home a certain feeling when looking at it or being inside it...

Amazing Jewelry To Remind Us Of Home | Cynefin Collection

Multiple Together

Have you ever wanted to have a piece of jewelry on you at all times that reminds you of home and at the same time is very personalised? The Cynefin Collection from Siina Heikkinen is what you’re looking for. The young artist from Finland creates jewelry and recently launched the Cynefin project that’s already gathered a lot of...

Underwater dogs steal your heart to find a home


The name of this author, Seth Casteel, may be familiar to you… perhaps for his volunteering collaboration with animal shelters, perhaps for being the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, the best selling photography book of 2012. The story of this award-winning photographer started in 2007, when Seth began volunteering with...