Top 40 Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

You must be used to seeing chest tattoos and sleeve tattoos. They are certainly some of the most popular, but there are also stomach tattoos and those can be very creative as well. What makes it a great place for unique tattoos is the fact it offers the artist a lot of freedom thanks to the big flat surface. It also allows people to get creative by incorporating the belly button as part of the design to create something clever and original.

There is so much space to ink on the stomach that people have gone all out with tattoos in this part of the body. Today we’re presenting some of the most badass and amazing stomach tattoos we could find.

The Best Stomach Tattoo Designs

The second largest area on the body to get tattooed is the stomach. And it is a very popular not only for its dimensions but for its privacy, since it can be easily covered in many contexts of daily life. In the case of men they have even more space, since their designs can extend to the upper part of the chest if they wish. However, both sexes have considerable space in the abdomen area to fill it with ink.





Full Frontal Stomach Tattoo Designs

Unlike the back, which is a completely smooth area, the stomach has a small challenge to face, the navel. Not all bodies are the same and therefore each navel is different in its shape, which influences when tattooing that specific area. We recommend that you work this out with your artist in the way that best suits the design you want. In some cases it can be filled with ink and skilled tattoo artists position the design so that the navel does not intervene in the composition. They can even make it disappear. There is also the option of placing the tattoo so that the navel area coincides with an “empty space” of the image, that is, where it is not required to place ink due to the structure of the image itself. And, of course, the simplest solution of all is to tattoo the sides of the abdomen, taking care that the design does not reach the central area of ​​the body.

















Animal Stomach Tattoo Designs

For a variety of reasons, many people have stomach marks. They are scars from an operation or stretch marks that occur when the skin is stretched quickly in a short period of time. Some of these people want to cover up those marks and choose to do so with a tattoo. As long as your doctor approves, it is something that can be done. In this case, keep in mind that the skin that forms a scar or stretch mark does not behave the same as the rest of your skin. It may be more sensitive to pain or not allow the ink to set properly. Your artist will have to work adapting to these conditions. If you can’t cover the mark, you can always choose a tattoo that hides it.






Spooky Stomach Tattoo Designs

Before moving on, it would be necessary to mention the mandala designs and geometric tattoos. These more contemporary motifs also stand out very well in the abdomen area. Again, because the amount of space you have allows you to work in detail on the finishes and create impressive pieces. Finally if you want to have a tattoo in color, you have a world of options available. As in the other cases you can make any design you want, for example the popular roses or other flowers, color mandalas, real or mythological creatures, landscapes, marine designs, pirates even dinosaurs. As always, we recommend choosing the style that best suits the image you want to tattoo. The traditional, neotraditional aesthetic, full color realism, new school or watercolor really impacts the final result, creating completely different pieces, even if it is the same image.











Other Stomach Tattoo Designs

Lettering tattoos are very popular, although not always for the best reasons. This does not mean that they are an excellent option for the abdomen area since you can choose intricate letter designs, in a large size and with a lot of detail. Most of the people choose to write the name of a city that is important to them, but you can put the text you prefer. In general, these designs are composed between 1 and 5 words and are made in black and white with a good shading job. Other common motifs in the stomach area are architectural structures, landscapes, and portraits. The favorite style of this type of design is black and white realism, which creates high-impact pieces with a lot of detail. This black and white aesthetic also works very well with mythological creatures such as dragons, with religious themes, skulls, vegetation, animals, and with replicas of works of art, be they paintings or sculptures.





Stomach Tattoos for Men FAQs

1. Should I go for a small or a big stomach tattoo?

Of course this is entirely up to each person’s preference, but you should keep in mind that the stomach is one of those areas with a lot of space to get creative. Also it’s very easy to cover even large tattoos there, so it’s one of those areas of the body where you don’t need to hold back.

2. Do stomach tattoos hurt a lot?

When you read this you may rethink about getting tattooed in this area. The stomach is undoubtedly one of the most painful parts of the body to get tattooed. It is not a pain that subsides at some point, as in other places where the body ends up accepting the needle. The worst thing about getting a tattoo on the ribs and stomach is that the unpleasant sensation never ceases. In most cases, the body itself gives you chemical assistance to cope with the pain. But in these areas this never happens.

3. How does gaining a lot of weight affect stomach tattoos?

It is possible that you are going to enter the gym and gain a significant muscle mass or, on the contrary, you want to lose a few kilos. Will your tattoos look different? Is it better to wait until you have the desired weight to get a tattoo? The truth is that there is a bit of urban legend about it. If we get a tattoo and lose a few kilos of weight, there will be no visible effect on the tattoo. It will not be affected at all. Now, if we talk about a significant weight gain or loss of, for example, 20 kilos, the situation changes. Many tattoos that were previously very large and visible, will shrink. And in the most extreme cases of weight variation, both on one side and on the other, visually the tattoo can be damaged, making it necessary to go through a tattoo studio to fix the damage. On the other hand, it is important to note that the significant weight loss affects tattoos, but does not deform them. Although their size varies, they are still proportionate.