Top 6 Sports Footwear Brands

Remember walking in crowds on weekends and traveling with friends around the world? During the pandemic, these activities are replaced with chats with mates, games at the online casino New Zealand, and funny YouTube videos. But soon we will be able to go out again. And if you are looking for great footwear for your walk, choose something from these popular shoe brands. 

New Balance

New Balance is the top-rated sneaker brand that produces only orthopedically correct shoes suitable for every day. The brand’s models are lightweight, ventilated, comfortable, and cushioned. Their logo is indicated in abbreviated form – NB. 

The well-known brand offers the most fashionable sneakers for everyday wear, running, basketball, tennis, and weightlifting. One of the best models NB574 has not lost its popularity since 1980. But new ones are developed annually, taking into account fashion trends. In addition to demi-seasonal, this company produces the best winter sneakers with a fur insole on the inside.


It’s one of the most famous footwear brands. Adidas has been producing the most popular sneakers since the 20s of the last century. In the beginning, the company was producing football boots. But then it expanded the range: technological models for sports games, running, mountain hiking, and cycling. The Neo line for everyday use is loved by young people. 

Adidas is included in the top brands not only because of the extended range. The products are perfect in terms of price-quality ratio. Sports shoes are soft, comfortable, made of quality, breathable materials. They have protection against foot sweating. 

Adidas uses innovations such as the TORSION system to support the midfoot. The Nano-tex fabric offers a massaging effect. The high degree of cushioning makes movement light, smooth and reduces strain on the spine.


Reebok was the first sports brand to produce special running shoes with spikes, the prototype of modern sneakers. It also developed models for women. The brand is still a leader in this direction, creating the best women’s running shoes. In 2006, the company was taken over by sports giant Adidas, and sales increased in the American market.

Today, Reebok brand name stands for sports and casual wear for men, women, and children. It produces one of the lightest sneakers in the world for running on asphalt, over rough terrain, fitness, sports games, jumps with the use of active C43 (C48) damper-foam, absorbing impact energy when landing. One of the sought-after ranges is the Reebok ZigTech, suitable for everyday wear and sports. High-tech sole lowers joint stress and prevents injury. The Classic line is preferred by young people. There are variants with patent surfaces, nubuck, or leather.


Nike was launched in the 60s of the 20th century with running shoes but then began to produce shoes for different sports fields, such as basketball. The representative of the brand was Michael Jordan himself. Popular lines are AirMax and Nike Running. They are available in different shades, resistant to wear and resilient materials are used.

The most expensive sneakers in the world are offered under the Nike brand. This model is Diamond Studded Nike Boots, which is decorated with 7.5 thousand diamonds and other jewels. Only four pairs of shoes have been released, one of which is worn by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The models are worth more than 200 thousand dollars at the world auction.


This Japanese brand makes the best budget sneakers for running, triathlon, sports, and gym activities. This is one of the most comfortable sneakers since anatomical features are taken into account. There is protection for the joints from traumatic injuries.

Popular GT series for jogging with good cushioning thanks to FluidRide. But there are also everyday versions in a restrained design, suitable for classic clothes.


The brand is called so because it was founded by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan together with Nike. The emphasis was on the production of basketball sneakers, but Americans liked the products so much that the company expanded the range. Now Jordan covers 50 percent of the adult athletic footwear market in the USA. 

Technologists use methods and materials to protect the ankle, a firm grip on the foot during athletic training, especially aggressive ones. The products have a good grip on any surface thanks to the anti-slip function.