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5 of the biggest benefits of distance learning

eaving school for the big, bad world of further education can feel a little overwhelming, at least to begin with. First, there’s the pressure of figuring out what you want to do with your life – whilst your heart says professional chocolate taster (it’s a real job, swear), your parents won’t stop going on about becoming a doctor or a...

Businesses And Economic Systems Explained Hilariously Via Cows


Whether you are involved and interested in economics or not, you’ve surely heard many times in your life about the different economic systems such as Socialism and Capitalism. However, it’s possible that you may have not completely comprehended them and what it’s like when they are prevalent. The following series of illustration...

World’s Most Original Product Packagings

Penguin Juice

Some companies invest in making their product successful by giving it a unique appearance. However, how many of them actually achieve their goal? Today, fellow lazy penguins, we present you world’s most original product packagings. Some of them are unusual while others are funny. Either way they leave an strong impression which is great for...

25 Unique business card concepts

Business Penguins

Business cards. Once a fellow lazy penguin told me that if I had one of these, it would reflect things about my character or what I do, without speaking a single word. Then I started to ponder; What kind of business card would a lazy penguin hold? What kind of business card would suit me? Would it be unique, smart, funny or simply minimalist...

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