What You Need To Know About Fire Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant clothing or FR apparels are necessary for people working in oil & gas and chemical industries. These places are most vulnerable to different kinds of flash fire and electric arc flash dangers and risks. FR clothing provides protection against many such hazards ensuring safety of both females and men who work in potentially mordacious working conditions. These types of garments are easily available online on stores like Froutlet that offer a diverse range in pleasant styles for various work scenarios. 

How Does It Work

Any person who works in close proximity to industrial processes like petroleum or natural gas production including industries with a high risk of flash fires is required to wear FR clothing according to OSHA’s defined policies. An FR apparel is essentially made of self-extinguishing material that does not catch fire and burns slowly providing protection against fatal injuries usually occurring due to flash fires and arc flash. The material repels oxygen so that the flame does not intensify and eventually snuffs out.

How Are These Clothes Different

People who have limited awareness of this apparel mostly believe that different FR clothing types are the same and they are somewhat interchangeable. If you are planning on purchasing one, you should know that there are different types of apparels apt for specific FR needs. You should carefully evaluate your FR requirements in order to select the most appropriate dress. They differ in size, security level, weight and style including the look, feel and comfort which is largely dependent on the material, the FR fabric is made of.

Typically, these apparels are concocted from two specific types of fabric, treated FR and inherent FR. Treated fabric makes use of a chemical application to ensure compliance to FR standards. Aspects like UV exposure, wear, laundering and abrasives can minimize the wear-life of such garments leading to degradation in the long run due to the chemical treatment. Inherent Fabric is built through refined engineering procedures to acquire flame-resistance properties for lifelong use. These garbs do not wear out after prolonged use due to the FR attributes being infused at the molecular level.

Key Considerations

  • When purchasing an FR clothing, ensure it complies with your work environment’s recommended standards and OSHA’s regulations.
  • Consider the cost of the garment keeping in mind the overall wear-life feasibility and comfort of the clothing in the long run.
  • The weight and design you select for the apparel should tally with the requirements and FR needs of your workplace.
  • Lastly, not all FR garments are the same, so select the one that you feel is best with respect to durability, size, comfort, and protection.
  • Discuss your FR needs with an expert at an FR outlet to get guidance on the best solution that perfectly matches with your requirements to ensure you don’t end up buying a cheesy garment that’s just a sunk cost.
  • Consider researching online for FR products and reviews related to the top FR brands before you make your buying decision. It will give you a lucid idea what type of clothing is appropriate for you that provides the best protection.