World’s Most Expensive Suits for Men

Dormeuil Vanquish II

Women have always had excelled more in style than men, both in weddings and other ceremonies the main focus always falls on women. Nevertheless, this trend is changing with the passage of time, since men are getting to know themselves and are more aware that good looks can be very important. While typing this, I…

World’s Most Expensive Watches

Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel

They are special pieces; many of them are just limited edition for collectors and luxury lovers with huge amounts to spend. The question is why are these watches so expensive? Well, I am not a chrono-expert but I would guess that some are expensive because they are put together & designed with very expensive materials….

Halloween is for animals too! | Funniest animal costumes

Santa Penguin

Once upon a time there was a festivity celebrated by people called Halloween. During Halloween people tricked or treated others, partied and mainly wore costumes which were usually scary. That’s the tale as most people know it. However we, lazy penguins, know as truth that there is another event that is far more important and…

The most expensive shampoos in the world


The appearance of our hair, in today’s world is “everything” or nearly so. We devote ourselves more to the beauty of our body that plenty of other activities that are perhaps more important. And for that reason some of the most famous” beauty giants” around the world have invented shampoos for your hair that, for…

This artist dedicated a shoe sculpture to each of his lovers, could you be one of them?

"Heart Breaker" Laura from behind

We introduce you today to Sebastian Errazuriz, a Chilean artist who, through his original anti-design, explores the question of sex and love over the memory of 12 past relationships. For each of them, he created a unique high-heel shoe according to the reminiscence of their personal and sexual relationships, and they’re accompanied by a personal…

Superheroes alternatively illustrated with hijab


This is the story of Noor, a 17-year-old teen living in Canada who has become a speaker of many Muslim girls using hijab by choice against oppression stereotypes… by transforming her drawings in the most famous comic book superheroes in history! Thanks to the comic fantasy Thor, Hulk, or Captain America will never be the same again: now…