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London Fashion Week – get ahead of the trend

Burberry Prorsum: Runway - LFW Autumn/Winter

While a visit to London Fashion Week will highlight what the big fashion houses have to offer and what the future trends will be, there’s also a lot to be said for what goes on outside of the shows. Lots of fashion fans make the effort to attend the week-long event with some excellent catwalk shows and stunning designs on offer but...

Top 10 Most Expensive Umbrellas In The World

Pasotti Italian Umbrella with Swarovski Crystals

Out of all the things in the world related to fashion, how much do you think the most expensive umbrellas in the world cost? Today we’re taking a look at the top 10. Contrary to what one might expect, they go for quite a bit mainly due to the brand name they belong to or due to the materials they’re made of. In some cases, they are...

Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers In The World

Air Jordan VI

Ever since they first appeared Air Jordans, the famous sneakers by Michael Jordan, have always been expensive and a luxurious choice of sportswear. However, throughout their history there have been specific pairs which were more unique and special than others. This made some of them gain a lot of value through the years, to the point that today...

Lien Is One Of The Most Fashionable Puppies


Lien is a Japanese puppy which has taken clothes modeling as his career in the fashion industry. The adorable dog poses for all his fans on Instagram with his adorable clothes, as if it was a human. Not only are the clothes similar to those of men but they are also very stylish giving the dog a cool look in each photo. The dog’s page has...

Unique Handmade Glass Necklace Pendants

Imploding Ashes

Kody is a crafter and artist who creates pure glass art. Today we’re looking at some of his best handmade glass necklace pendants! The artist used advanced techniques to gives different shapes or form to the interior of the glass, thus manipulating it as if he was painting a picture inside it. The results are very cool and the pieces can be...

What If Disney Characters Were Dressed In Modern Clothes

Modern Disney

Instagram user Punziella has created a series of illustrations with her favourite Disney characters in a more modern, fashionable attire. The idea is to look at the popular Disney protagonists from a different perspective. From that of a modern day life. Thus, they are all dressed in clothes that we or our friends could be wearing today...

Ancient Greek Sculptures In Modern Clothes

Fashionable Sculptures

What if ancient statues were dressed in the same clothes we wear today? Would the result look cool or hilarious? Let’s find out! Artist Leo Caillard has created a series of illustrations featuring ancient Greek sculptures in modern clothes! The project is called Hipster in Stone and explores what timeless sculptures we’ve seen multiple...

Incredible Real Life Batman Beyond Costume

Batman Beyond Costume

Incredible Batman Beyond batsuit or rather, Batman costume, has had us awestruck. As you may know there are many Batman universes depending on the comic. In each of them the character of the protagonist is somewhat different and the same goes for his costume. We have to admit that the Batman Beyond batsuit is probably the coolest and most...

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