Insanely Customised 66 Plymouth Barracuda

66 Plymouth Barracuda

It has been a while since we last wrote about cars – our last post was about “The Coolest Futuristic Concept Cars In The World”. The fantastic “car artists” over at Deus Ex Machina opted for a perfecr optimisation of this monster ’66 Plymouth Barracuda (the Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door car that was manufactured…

The Coolest Futuristic Concept Cars In The World

Mazda Speed

The cars we were promised but we haven’t seen driven yet. Today we’re present some of the most amazing futuristic car concepts. Cars that look incredibly cool on paper, but that are still far from reality. The list is composed of car models that come from different car brands and some of them have been…

World’s Most Expensive Electric Bikes

Smart Electric Bicycle

We (I mean humans, not penguins!) are destroying the environment every single minute, for that reason we have all these climatic changes. Recently, we wrote about green homes because we support the healthy environment – consequently, this post will be green related as well. We are going to opt for electric bikes this time, since…

The top most expensive modern cars in the world!

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Forget about our lazy side. Today we’re into a fun, exciting and adrenaline filled concept. Today we talk about the fastest, most stylish and, above all, most expensive cars in the world. You might remember from a few weeks ago, we talked about the most expensive “classic cars”. Well, today we’re in with the new….