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Breathtaking Views From Around The World

Seen from the Tanner Trail in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Title might seem a bit misleading when you see the images, as some of these views look like they could have been from another world! This is no exaggeration fellow lazy penguins. If any of you ever has the blessed opportunity to visit one of these places then stop being lazy immediately and go! It’s a life experience worth having. It makes...

Photoshop Battles Never End

Photoshop Battle 7 Seals Tower

Have you ever experienced that you uploaded one of your photos on the internet and someone you know downloaded it and edited it into something funny? That’s probably how it all started. Photoshop battles are exactly that but done by people highly skilled in image editing. Surely you’ve taken pictures of yourself or others and thought...

27 Photos of Animals and their adorable Mini-me versions

Mini-me tiny King

You’ve surely noticed it in the past. The moment when you look at an animal and you see there by its side, its adorable baby, looking more similar than ever. You must have seen it at least once, whether it was from your pets, your friends’ pets or from TV or even the internet. The moment we’re talking about is the one where the...

Underwater dogs steal your heart to find a home


The name of this author, Seth Casteel, may be familiar to you… perhaps for his volunteering collaboration with animal shelters, perhaps for being the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, the best selling photography book of 2012. The story of this award-winning photographer started in 2007, when Seth began volunteering...

20 terrific visions from a sleep paralyzed artist

Bruno's Vision

You know what the sleep paralysis is? Although it’s hard to define, it’s a kind of temporary disability that keeps one from making any conscious movement, making them unable to even shout. Generally, the sleep paralysis happens during a long transition period between dream state and wakefulness, and it turns out that a talented artist...

21 perfectly timed photos

According to many photographers, in order to take a photo that has “perfect timing” you do need to have a mix of: 1) right amount of luck 2) right place 3) right timing 4) perfect angle 5) right camera In the collection below you can see that all the photos have some of the above ingredients. 1. Image source: link Image source:...

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