Cats In Aristocratic Classical Portraits | The Hermitage Court Cats

The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat

Have you ever wondered what cats would look like in aristocratic attire drawn as classical portraits? Well, today you’ll find out! This is what you didn’t know you needed to see. The artist’s name is Eldar Zakirov. He’s a young designer and illustrator from Tashkent who among other paintings has a a series of cat…

Vivid And Trippy Art Of Well Known Movie Characters

Darth Vader

Welcome to art class. Today’s teacher is Nicky Barkla, a young professional artist from Australia. The lesson is illustrating well known and liked characters from TV shows and movies in a unique way. And by unique, we mean trippy. Each of the pieces features a generous mix of many colours resulting in an extremely vivid…

Remarkably Detailed Drawings Showing the Harm We’ve Done to Earth

Land of Yin Yang

The series of paintings below (named: Yin Tang) was created by McCann Worldgroup – India. As we already know the natural disasters & environmental hazards have resulted to the disproportion of the conditional state of our environment ( we lazy penguins know well about this matter). For that reason they came up with the idea…

Amazing Surreal Illustrations Of Animals By Jay Fleck

There Was Fire In Its Eyes

Today we present amazing pieces of art mostly centered around animals drawn by Jay Fleck. He is a talented designer and illustrator from Illinois who has created several prints of animals in adorable and, most times, weird concepts. Most of his prints are sold in the form of products such as curtains, clothes, rugs and more….

Chinese Farmers Turn Rice-Paddies Into Impressive Works Of Art

Rice Paddies Works of Art

In Northeast Chinas Shenyang city, some Chinese rice farmers have started to plant their crops in order to do 3D murals (453,000 square meters) that are very large and of traditional & contemporary subjects. Their city might attract tourist to their region by this move while the rice farmers have been assigned the responsibility producing…

Incredible Hand Painted Mini Sculptures Of Famous Characters

The Dark Knight

Did you ever collect small figures or miniatures when you were young. We did, therefore, today’s topic is quite nostalgic for us. Plastic Cell is a group of brothers that create hand painted sculptures of famous personas, such as superheroes, rappers and movie or video game characters. They also have a shop where they sell…

Expressive Old Toilet Paper Roll Masks by Junior Fritz Jacquet

Origami Faces Into Old Paper Rolls

Junior Fritz Jacquet is a French paper artist. He created the weirdly amazing series of toilet paper rolls attached in weird masks. The art pieces are inspired form the “craft of origami” where each one of the masks id made from a single paper roll which after is folded & squished into a weird expressive…

Award-Winning Short Film About Lost Souls Meeting Death

Scene 3 from CODA

This triumphant, Oscar-nominated, outstanding and multi-award triumphant animated short film, is called Coda dear Lazy Penguins, and was made public on Vimeo. The storytelling is based on a gloomy & shadowy hand-drawn Irish tale that gyres around the main topic of death and the human nature of asking for more seconds/minutes/hours/years in this world even…

Lovely And Unique Bracelets Made With Real Flowers

Lavender And Wheat Resin

Fellow lazy penguins today we’re on the topic of jewelry. More specifically, lovely, unique, handmade bracelets! What is special about these bracelets that makes them unique? It’s the fact that they are made with real flower resins and other types of plants and trees. The result is the harmonic combination of fashion, style and nature…

This Photographer Combined Different Concepts To Create Amazing Bizarre Photos

Peng Jump

The young photographer and artist named Stephen McMennamy set out to create weird but beautiful art by combining two very different photos into one. This project is called combophoto and was picked up by the media really fast. The aim of the project is to combine two photos of very different concepts that manage to match…