Superheroes alternatively illustrated with hijab


This is the story of Noor, a 17-year-old teen living in Canada who has become a speaker of many Muslim girls using hijab by choice against oppression stereotypes… by transforming her drawings in the most famous comic book superheroes in history! Thanks to the comic fantasy Thor, Hulk, or Captain America will never be the same again: now...

27 Photos of Animals and their adorable Mini-me versions

Mini-me tiny King

You’ve surely noticed it in the past. The moment when you look at an animal and you see there by its side, its adorable baby, looking more similar than ever. You must have seen it at least once, whether it was from your pets, your friends’ pets or from TV or even the internet. The moment we’re talking about is the one where the...

21 animal shaped buildings from around the world

The Big Merino, Australia

Flinston shaped house or duck shaped one could made the day of every animation lover – these are some of the examples of the houses that you will see throughout the article. Personally, I love building that have various shape and do not like building that are “block shaped” & painted in a monotone grey color.  Corrugated creations, New...

Some extremely impressive infinity pools around the world

Langham Hotel, Thailand

An infinity pool is a swimming pool which produces a visual effect extending to the horizon, or disappears- extends to the infinite illusion, hence its name. This type of pool is very expensive because it requires an architectural design and very sophisticated and complex engineering. It also assumes that you want to create the illusion of...

15 strangely beautiful flowers

Physalis alkekengi

Rarity is relative. What may be strange for me may not work for another individual. However, in the plant kingdom, there are definitely some species that most people would recognise as highly unusual. Some of them can be found below:  Rafflesia arnoldii Image source: link Hydnora africana Image source: link Dracunculus vulgaris Image source:...

Underwater dogs steal your heart to find a home


The name of this author, Seth Casteel, may be familiar to you… perhaps for his volunteering collaboration with animal shelters, perhaps for being the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, the best selling photography book of 2012. The story of this award-winning photographer started in 2007, when Seth began volunteering...

Exploring the deepest holes on earth

Kimberley Diamond Mine

Looking at photos like these causes as much fear as they captivate your eyes. Only the monstrous scale reminds us how insignificantly filthy we are. Natural or human-induced, these holes have ravaged cities while creating a different aspect of our nature. Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan Image source: link  Kimberley Diamond Mine, South...

20 terrific visions from a sleep paralyzed artist

Bruno's Vision

You know what the sleep paralysis is? Although it’s hard to define, it’s a kind of temporary disability that keeps one from making any conscious movement, making them unable to even shout. Generally, the sleep paralysis happens during a long transition period between dream state and wakefulness, and it turns out that a talented artist...

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