The top most expensive modern cars in the world!

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Forget about our lazy side. Today we’re into a fun, exciting and adrenaline filled concept. Today we talk about the fastest, most stylish and, above all, most expensive cars in the world. You might remember from a few weeks ago, we talked about the most expensive “classic cars”. Well, today we’re in with the new. What we...

The prettiest flags in the world

Flag of Bhutan

The flags of each country represent a culture, they represent the pride we have for the country we belong to, and provide a symbol of the place we live in. Not long ago (2012) the flags of all the nations of the world were gathered in order to see which was the most beautiful flag in the world, there was sent an invitation in every corner of the...

World’s most expensive beds

Royal Bed by Savoir

On their surface we spend a third of our lives, and therefore it is worth to spare no expense when purchasing a new one. If we also like to sleep a king or a queen, our ideal bed is undoubtedly one of the below, a luxury bed for those who does not notice the state of resting and relaxing. I got a lazy bed at home that doesn’t cost more than...

The most expensive shampoos in the world


The appearance of our hair, in today’s world is “everything” or nearly so. We devote ourselves more to the beauty of our body that plenty of other activities that are perhaps more important. And for that reason some of the most famous” beauty giants” around the world have invented shampoos for your hair that, for the materials...

The 20 most incredibly cozy pieces of furniture

Iglu Daybed

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to lay down, in a warm and comfortable private space and relax? Yeah, for lazy me that’s everyday, but be penguins with me for a few minutes! Imagine a rainy day outside, warm home and a super cozy sofa. Insert you in the mix and we have a very pleasant picture in our minds. Sometimes we...

35 Beautiful Doors From Around The World

Burano, Italy

The doors just like bridges are a crossing path where the dilemma of whether or not to cross manifests. A door as it stands is an invitation to cross it and can be seen as an input or output, or both at once. The truth is that the doors do not require much explanation; they can be metaphors or analogies from almost anything during our daily...

25 Unique business card concepts

Business Penguins

Business cards. Once a fellow lazy penguin told me that if I had one of these, it would reflect things about my character or what I do, without speaking a single word. Then I started to ponder; What kind of business card would a lazy penguin hold? What kind of business card would suit me? Would it be unique, smart, funny or simply minimalist...

Top 10 most expensive “classic cars” ever sold

1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 - Side View

The classic car collection has become one of the best alternatives for investing large amounts of money. When you hear on the news that a classic car has been sold for 10 or 20 million, it diffuses you and many people hold hands over their head. It is true that these classic beauties are expensive, but it is also true that they can be an...

20 chameleonic body paintings to trick your eye

Coney Island bodypaint

Today we introduce to you Trina Merry, a very talented artist. She’s able to create pretty realistic landscapes, art decó, motor vehicles.. everything you can imagine goes out of her hands! But how does she do it..? As you can guess from our featured image, she doesn’t need expensive and rare materials to craft any objects. For her...

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