The Avengers Illustrated In A Dark Fantasy Theme

The Avengers

After Age of Ultron, The Avengers once again garnered a lot of attention. This time a deviantart artist took it upon himself to redraw all of the Avengers in a medieval dark fantasy theme. The artist goes by the username theDURRRRIAN and recently finished his series of illustration of all our favourite Marvel superheroes. The artwork looks…

Zookeepers All Over The World Are Reenacting The Famous Jurassic World Scene

Jurassic World Pratt's Raptors

If you’ve already seen the latest movie of Universal Pictures, Jurassic World, then you must also be familiar with the much talked about scene where Chris Pratt is training the raptors. Even if you haven’t seen the film, a small part of this scene appears in many trailers for the movie. What’s special about that…

Top 10 Disney Villains You Love To Hate


Disney movies have been a defining element of our childhoods, but what about their villains? In all Disney movies along with our hero or heroine, there’s always a villain, someone evil who is trying to either stop, hurt or, in some cases, kill the main character! In most of the movies there’s a clear line…

The Weirdest And Most Amazing Upcoming Festivals In Europe

Festival Number 6

However lazy (penguins) we may be, with Summer right around the corner, our blood is beginning to boil with the excitement for all the amazing and incredibly funny upcoming festivals! Are you ready fellow lazy penguins? Today we present some of the craziest and most interesting festivals in Europe. We also provide the dates and…

World’s Most Expensive Movies


In order to achieve a Hollywood blockbuster, 99% of the time you will need a huge budget dear “lazy penguins”. There is this 1% where a cheap production might deliver a successful movie, but most of the times the word expensive is synonymous to successful. We had to check our friends’ list at IMDB and…

World’s Most Expensive Televisions

Sony 84 inch TV

TV, Telly, Television…whatever you call it, people will always know what that means (well, with Netflix around the corner we might as well forget its meaning). Most of the companies make TVs that can be affordable for the buyers – their prices might vary by hundreds of dollars depending on their features. The ones I…

World’s Most Expensive Guitars

Eric Clapton’s 1964 Gibson ES0335 TDC

I suppose you know how the song goes: When darkness falls All of the stars will see Just me and my guitar… Tom Dice sings about his poor guitar, on the other hand we will concentrate on the most expensive ones.  “A guitar is like a good woman, touch her in the right place in…

Benny The Bull | The Funniest Team Mascot In The World

Benny the Bull

Benny the Bull is the mascot of Chicago Bulls, one of the biggest teams of NBA. Why is he so funny? You’ll probably understand once you see the images below. Team mascots are naturally meant to be funny and entertaining for the crowd but sometimes, the people who are behind them are funnier than others….

World’s Most Expensive Homes

Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colorado

Home, casa, lar, chỗ ở, kodu, shtepi, thuis – that’s me saying the word in different languages, didn’t want to show off but to  point out that there are so many words the perfect & cosy thing we call “HOME”. Wherever you live in the world you have a place that you call home, even…

Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities Of Hollywood For 2014

Hollywood Penguin

For better or for worse, with fame comes a lot of hate. This is especially the case with Hollywood celebrities. Let’s face it. You can’t please everybody so when you become famous there will surely be people that detest you, even just because of the way you look. However, there are those among celebrities who…